Sunday, September 28, 2014

Everything Old is New Again?

Yesterday dH and I went to see Boyhood (loved it!) and then to the Panera next to the theater for dinner.  As we stood in line, a high school girl behind me said to me, "I love your shoes."

My response?

"Really? They're Birkenstocks. People make fun of them."

She and her friend both protested that no, they are cute.

I don't think Birkenstocks have EVER been called cute.  I've heard plenty of other descriptions, most from my younger daughter, but never cute.

Birkenstocks were popular in the 60s, I think, but now? These two high school girls both claimed to wear them, and said that they are comfortable. Both girls are tennis players, so it's not as if they are throwbacks to the hippy generation. Maybe Birks ARE cool!  

So that means:  Tah Dah, so am I!!!

Yay me! 

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