Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Random Stuff

as if I don't always just post random stuff.

This is the BEST chocolate milk on the ENTIRE PLANET!!!

I have no relationship with whoever makes this, but yuuuuummmmm....It is really rich. I found it at Fresh Market and I haven't seen it anywhere else yet. If you can find some, buy it!   Drink it!   Buy some more! 


I found this headline online and I think the writer could have worded it differently:


I do realize what it intends to communicate, but there must have been a better way to say it. 

And a favorite of mine---there was a headline that was purportedly in a NY paper when Ike Turner died: Ike Beats Tina to Death. I suspect that the writer was snickering when he wrote that, and then the copy editor snickered and let it go to print. 


For something else totally random, one of my pet peeves, and I realize I might be almost alone (click for CBS opinion) in this, is the response "No problem" when someone says "Thank you."

Last year when I was in the UK, I thought that, of course, people there would say "You're welcome." They are so very polite on all of those PBS dramas, you know?

But at a tea shop when I thanked the server for my tea and scone, she replied.......

"Not a bother."

More polite? Less polite? I don't know. 

I give up!

And you are very welcome.

(I can't go cold turkey.)


Jono said...

Yes, but would you LIKE to have a relationship with whoever makes it?

knittergran said...

Of course!

joeh said...

I'm with you. No Problem should come after an apology, not a thank you.
"I'm sorry, did I cut in line?" "No problem."

"Thank you for helping me." "You're welcome."