Monday, April 4, 2016

Will I See Dead People?

Sweet Baby Cheeses, I hope not!

Today I used an organic fertilizer on my daffodils. 

Possibly legal organic stuff...or possibly...someone's family?

Now, I am not accusing E.B. Stone of anything; I'm sure he is a very nice man who would not do anything icky or illegal, but I have seen human cremains and they do look a lot like this. Actually, pretty much exactly like this:


Mr. Stone's fertilizer is a very fine powder containing different sized chunks of .....???? I know what organic means and I think that this fertilizer could qualify in any number of ways, most of them legal, but also, possibly including having come from a crematorium. Not that I'm accusing Mr. Stone of anything...wrong?

If I "grow" anyone in my yard, I'll run and scream and then let you know.

To continue on to my main topic, I have a lot of work to do this year because my perennial garden has been ignored and neglected the past couple of years. I do, however, have an excuse which is also an explanation. 

Last spring, I spent a month in LA hanging out with   shopping with   going to the beach with helping younger daughter recover from her surgery for an acoustic neuroma (benign brain tumor). So no work done.  

What about the OTHER months in the spring? you ask.  

Well, just hush. I think it might have rained a lot or something.

The spring before that, I broke my wrist and needed surgery to repair it. No yard work (or knitting) for me.

The fall before that? I broke both bones in my ankle and couldn't do much of anything for months because of the &*()_^&*#^ brace/cast I had to hobble around in.

SO, not my fault. DH does the heavy-lifting macho type stuff. I do the maintenance; I have a lot to catch up on.

But the only help I need from my so-called organic fertilizer is to make my plants grow. MY PLANTS GROW. No one nothing else.

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