Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Truth

On Friday I went to my dermatologist appointment and I was numbed, sliced and diced, cauterized, gooped up, bandaged up, and I'm a thing of beauty, I tell ya.

As the doctor went to open the door to leave, she turned, studied me for a moment and then asked:  Have you ever had any injections?

And I thought: Well, rats, she thinks I need WORK.

Then I thought: Wait, she had to ASK if I have had injections. That means I look ok and she didn't know if it was because I had HAD work or because yay me I look ok without any work. (I most certainly have not had work; I'm a coward. Things can go wrong, y'all.)

I think that this is the truth of anti-aging procedures:

From the New Yorker

So, no thanks to any "work" or "injections."

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Sallyknit said...

Did she explain why she asked the question?