Thursday, June 29, 2017


Some of the members of my granddaughter's climbing team are here from Austin, Texas. This year, there are only four; in years past, I've lost count. Really. I stopped counting at eight.

This is what they do:


That small person up on the rock face is my 16-year old granddaughter. She is roped in (on belay) so that she can't free fall from the rock face, but it's still a heart-stopping sport for family members to watch. 

I would love to have been able to do this when I was a kid. I was always up in trees, but I don't know if climbing was even a sport then, and there weren't any mountains near me. I don't think that there were indoor climbing gyms either. Now there are, and the climbers come to Atlanta to practice at two gyms, one with a higher wall than they have at home gyms so that they can practice for meets with higher walls.  

Rock on! (carefully)

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