Tuesday, June 20, 2017


By popular demand! Um. By popular ... hey, are you still writing? So not so much popular. Maybe just curiosity... And not so much demand. Just curiosity...

Anyway, I am going to Scandinavia in the fall and someone pointed out to me that there might be:

freezing rain

and I've lived in the south since 1978 and have no footwear for any of those conditions. Off to the interwebs because it's summer here and because I wear a larger size than your average (foot-sized) person.  

I ordered these two; both have free returns so no harm, no foul.

So one of these things is not like the other. The pink (I LOVE the pink boots) wouldn't be useful in snow.  My feet would freeze. But it does rain in Georgia.  hmmmm...

The other pair (I LOVE them) would work for everything.  

Decisions, decisions, decisions.


Sallyknit said...

Who says you can't have both?😜

Sallyknit said...
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