Saturday, June 24, 2017

I Made Crumpets!

Why? you ask.

Because I can, apparently. And because it's always %^&*^*#@! raining so I needed something to do that wasn't knitting or reading. Didn't feel like knitting or reading.

I found the recipe here. Crumpets.

They were easy to make after the hour of letting the dough rise, and the silicone rings just popped right off so I could flip the crumpets to brown the other side..

The only thing is, I like commercially-made English Muffins better.


I toasted a crumpet, put butter on it and then wonderful blueberry jam and It was beyond wonderful!!!  I will make these again and again and ...


Jono said...

I'll bring the tea! Rainy days here, too.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I enjoy reading all of your post. I wanted to write a little comment
to support you.

thelma said...

Look delicious those crumpets, often wondered how the holes appeared in crumpets, butter disappearing down those holes - delicious ;). Thelma

Sallyknit said...

Time for a Tea party!

knittergran said...

Thanks all! The crumpets are wonderful, and I've frozen some to have in the next few weeks.