Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Innocence Lost

Poor Baxter.Until last Thursday night, Baxter has had a dream life. Everyone is nice to him; he doesn't have to share his kingdom with any other four-legged animals, and lately we have even allowed him to go out on the deck, with the steps blocked off and with us out there with him or just inside on the sofa by the windows. He loves to go out and sniff whatever it is he sniffs. Along with the garage, it's his only wilderness.

The world was a wonderful and kind and safe place.

But last Thursday night, when I was at knitting, dH forgot that he left the door to the deck open. He went upstairs, turned on the Tour de France, and forgot the rest of the world, including Baxter's wilderness world. After dark, he heard the sudden crash of the gate and the yowling of two cats. He ran downstairs and saw the orange cat that wanders the neighborhood and Baxter running after him around the to the front of the house. The orange cat ran across the street and Baxter hid. dH went inside to get a flashlight and searched for Baxter. Eventually he saw the reflection of the flashlight in Baxter's eyes but Baxter would not come out of the shrubbery.

I came home to find dH sitting at the edge of the driveway with a flashlight and a container of Baxter's treats. Baxter wouldn't come out. I took dH's place and talked to Baxter while dH went inside to get some tuna fish. Baxter cautiously emerged from the shrubs (he loves ME the most; it ain't bragging if it's true), and I grabbed him.

For two days Baxter hid in his cube, not even coming out for food. He is skittish and even now (Tuesday) mostly hides. He is a little more active when he appears and he is eating, but he is not back to his normal bad boy self.

Maybe Prozac for cats?

And the orange cat? HE needs to have a chat with his owners, who in cold weather, put a PINK quilted vest on him. I don't know for sure that he IS a he, but based on his behavior and Baxter's reaction, I'm pretty sure HE is.

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