Monday, July 30, 2012

Lily's skirt

I have finished Lily's skirt and it is currently blocking. I haven't put in the elastic yet either.

It is the Hip in Hemp pattern, made from five colors of CotLin yarn from Knit Picks. I am apparently bad at math: the pattern called for THREE contrasting colors and one main color. I bought FOUR contrasting colors. I don't know why.

And I bought THREE balls of each color. I have two left over of each of the contrasting colors, and one left over of the main color.

Again....poor math skills, although using too many colors does explain some of the leftover yarn, but not all of it.

Other Ravelry knitters used CotLin for their Hip in Hemp skirts and that's why I chose it, but I'm not altogether happy with it. It's a heavy cotton/linen blend. Perhaps when it is dry, it will drape nicely and the weight will help with that----I hope.

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