Monday, July 23, 2012

Something There Is

that doesn't love the outside, and it's currently living in my house.

All day yesterday I heard odd knocking and thumping sounds from my kitchen. I would listen, shake my head and decide that it was just the house/cabinets/whatever? settling. After all these years?

But this morning, Bad Boy Baxter was clawing at an area under the dishwasher that goes to the basement. I don't know why that opening is there, but it is. Baxter clawed, meowed, scratched and meowed some more. Now I KNOW something is there. It's not the house settling. It's probably a chipmunk.

There is a room in my basement we call dH's "workroom." However, it is sometimes a workroom, but it is mostly a hoarder's dreamworld/landfill/toxic site. And there is a door to the outside which is occasionally open when dH goes in and out while doing yard work. I believe that is when something got IN.

dH is going out of town for the week, so I'm going to ask him to set the havahart trap in his workroom/hoarder's world/landfill/future EPA site and hope that whatever is in the house gets in the trap instead of running around the kitchen. Granted, Baxter would be happy to chase it around, but I would not.

If it turns out to be a chipmunk, I'll say hi to it and set it free. If it's a rat, I'll scream like a girl and run.......


Runner Dude said...

The trap has been set with seed and peanut butter.

Becca said...

Either way your grandchildren would happily adopt it!