Friday, July 27, 2012

Irony Perhaps?

Not really sure if this qualifies.

But anyhow, my Texas daughter finds the all-too-occasional tarantula in her house. For whatever reason, she doesn't kill them; she relocates them to the great outdoors. (Scorpions she kills. Yay.)I would have hoped to never see a tarantula...but,

my neighbor is out of town for three days and she asked if I would feed her various pets: 1 cat, two birds, two turtles, one supposed hermit crab-I have never seen it, and one TARANTULA.

Get OUT!  A pet tarantula???

I don't have to feed it (what on earth does it eat?); I just have to spray it with special water so that its exo-skeleton won't dry out. If it does dry out, the tarantula won't be able to move. To me, and probably to Martha Stewart, this is a GOOD thing. My neighbor says no: the dry exo-skeleton might cause the tarantula to shed said exo-skeleton ahead of schedule.

They SHED their exo-skeletons? Blechhh....Gaaaaaag....

She says not to worry, that chances are, the tarantula would eat it.

Oh, even better.

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