Tuesday, November 4, 2014


said one of the reviews for this recipe for Cottage Pie.

Well, I suppose it was.

But I think that messy might have been a better description.

My husband gets to clean it up; that was the deal I made (with myself) when I decided to make cottage pie for dinner. 

Two dinners actually---the recipe serves 10.  

Update:  It was yummy!

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Sigrun said...

I know it's a deal you made, but at our house the cook of the day also had to clean up. That's because some of our cooks were tidy cooks who tidied up as they worked, and some were messy cooks. When we did it the "one cooks, the other cleans" way, the tidy cooks had a big mess to clean up and the messy cooks had hardly any mess to clean up. so I changed the rule: cook and clean then have the other day completely off.