Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tacky? Who, me?

I have mentioned that some people in my family (my two daughters and very occasionally, my husband) have accused me of having tacky taste.  My daughters say that this jacket proves their point.  

I, of course, disagree; otherwise, I wouldn't have bought it. I LOVES me some fringe and this has fringe yo!

Normally, buying something is not a blog post, because who cares, really? But this was an unusual purchase because I literally bought it off someone, as in, off someone's body. I had been admiring it from a distance while I was at the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain, and when I walked by the woman wearing it, I noticed a price tag on it. Weird. It turned out that she was a vendor at the fair and she WAS hoping to sell the jacket. So I bought it. Legitimately. I did not wrestle it off the woman and run.  

The price was great. She was happy; I was happy and I just retrieved it from the cleaners.  (Vintage clothing bought off someone else's person is not necessarily shiny clean.)  

I have fringe!!!

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Sigrun said...

I have the same good taste as you. 40+ years ago the grandmother of one of my native students was making such clothing, from hides she tanned herself. I inquired as to cost--it was way out of my league. So I have been fringe-less.