Sunday, November 16, 2014

From This:

(This had been in a hank, but a certain feline got to it and had too much fun.)

To this:

To ?

I don't know yet. A generous friend brought me this yarn from Santa Fe but I don't know how much there is; my husband and I measured some out and weighed it, then weighed the whole amount to determine the yardage. I didn't write it down because I would remember, only I don't. I think it was somewhere around 400 yards. I don't know the fiber content but I suspect twisted and untwisted 100% wool. A burn test is in the works.

Now I will search through Ravelry to find the best pattern for it. The colors are pretty true in the photo, sort of pastel Santa Fe-ish colors, my favorites.  

At last Thursday's knit night I made this cowl:

from Malabrigo Rasta.  Easy, easy, easy!  And the yarn is the softest, a joy to work with.

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