Saturday, July 15, 2017


This is a warning to parents of adult children.

If you notice your visiting adult children, smart phones in hand, going through old photo albums, do not be fooled. They are not fondly reminiscing about times gone by. 

They are taking photos of photos! Yes! They are!

And why?

Because they are going to post them on social media for all the world to see, WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION, because they are evil like that. Forewarned is forearmed, y'all.  

So, now a warning to those adult children.

To the daughter who knits. You face being disinherited of all of my knitting supplies:

Double pointed needles.

Circular needles, lots and lots of circular needles. Some are even Signature needles, the Rolls Royces of needles.

And my (possibly too many) knitting bags.  

So think carefully about what you do when you next visit.

And to my daughter who doesn't knit:

I'm watching you.


thelma said...

Well I occasionally nick photos from my daughter of good photos of grandchildren on social media, so it can work both ways!

Sallyknit said...

Have you got incriminating photos in your albums?

knittergran said...

Well, that's fair, to take photos of grandchildren! And no, no incriminating photos, just some not very good ones.