Sunday, July 23, 2017

It's Texas, y'all!

My daughter is at the beach in Texas. I warned her about sharks, but didn't really think there would be cows at the beach.

But hey! It's Texas, and what would be more "normal" than practicing roping cows with a plastic one, at the beach:



Jono said...

What could be more natural in Texas?

I used to swim with sharks in the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean. We would catch them while fishing for more edible fish, but the big ones rarely came in to shallow waters. The odds of getting struck by lightening or killed by cows have always been much greater than the likelihood of a deadly shark attack.

knittergran said...

I caught a shark once while fishing for grouper in Sarasota Bay, FL. I tossed him back but what a surprise!

Sallyknit said...

I've seen a horse on a beach but never a cow!