Tuesday, July 4, 2017


I have actually been knitting. I have two or three WIPs (works in progress):

Another Lost Banner Hat by Susan Anderson

Seychelles by Susanna IC which will eventually look like this

because I bought exactly the same yarn and beads used in the sample. And because I'm such a master knitter! 

No. I'm not. I bought the pattern and supplies four years ago and then chickened out. It just looked way too complicated. Recently I studied the finished Seychelles on Ravelry, read notes left by the knitters, and decided that I could conquer this. It might take a while but SHE PERSISTS!

And thanks to Sweet Mother of Purl, I do have one finished project!  Yay me!

It is this Anarktis:

It is off the needles and currently blocking. I played yarn chicken and won even though I was using Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Cast Off. I had only this tiny bit of yarn to finish with, but I made it.  

I recently took an internet test to see if I am OCD and according to the test, I am 100% OCD! There are people in my family who would probably say: We told you so!

HOWEVER, I beg to differ even though the test was an official Internet Test. I store my circular needles in their original packaging and when the pattern called for a size six, I pulled out my size six. See? It says size 6 in two places!

When I finished the scarf, I noticed that it was really a good bit smaller than it should have been, and some aggressive blocking has not expanded it to the measurements the pattern indicated it would be.

I checked the needle in my gauge before I put it away, which I SHOULD have done BEFORE I started knitting. It's a size four. That explains the size but I cannot explain how I put the needle in the wrong case...and where is the size six that belongs in here? So how can I be OCD? I'm clearly not.

I bet the size six needle is in the size four package. If I'm even moderately OCD, that's where it should be, right?


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