Friday, July 21, 2017

Cows ARE deadlier than sharks are!

And here's the link.

And they don't so much fall on people as they do attack people.

Maybe that's fair, since we do eat a lot of them. Vegetarianism might be a better idea than we knew.

(Thanks, C, for finding this article!)

Bonus Far Side cartoon:


thelma said...

In England, when cows attack dogs (which they don't like) it is normally to protect their young calves. Probably best to be wary of them when crossing a field, but there are a lot of other things that can kill you as well!

knittergran said...

I'll be in Ireland in the early spring---and I won't take cows so casually now. My aunt and uncle owned a dairy farm; I was never chased by a cow, but I sure was by a very large hog. I must have been screaming bloody murder (I was in grade school) because my aunt came running out of the house with a broom to chase him off.