Monday, April 22, 2013

Someone Stop Me

before I need drugs for OCD.

It all started with entering my stash into my Ravelry library.

And then continued with learning about the spreadsheet that automatically puts my yarn into a huge spreadsheet with all sorts of information on it.

Including the yardage of all my yarn:

I think I need to knit now before I use the spreadsheet to analyze the yarn in even more ways.

BTW.  This isn't much yarn compared with other Ravelers' stashes.  I had thought that a Raveler's 30,000 yard stash was a lot until I read about another Raveler's 700,000 yard stash.  Yikes!  That's not a stash; that's a store!

1 comment:

Ann in NJ said...

What spreadsheet is this? I have yet to get all my yarn in my Ravelry stash, though I have some in. Not sure if I want to know my total yardage, though...