Saturday, April 13, 2013

Yes, I know.

That I shouldn't post late at night, after smelling YARN FUMES all day.  I know that now.  But I'm not taking down the Llama, Llama, Duck post.  Someone might WANT that song stuck in their brain.  And they are very, very welcome.

Anyway, I am so glad I decided that I should not buy just one skein of anything, just because I liked it and wanted it for my yarn collection stash.  That prevented me from buying a skein of yak yarn.  It was beautiful, but expensive, and one skein might not have been enough for anything I would eventually want to make.  Plus I can always order it online; I have the business card.   :-)

I only made one yarn purchase:

It is three skeins (but counts as one purchase in my system) of Miss Babs Yummy sock and baby yarn.  All three skeins will eventually be this Color Affection
The colors will be dye-no-mite together.  I know this because Lucille and I both dove for the same color collection hanging from the display, and she has excellent taste in colors.  So says everyone.

And because everyone needs a little laugh, a couple of us bought these for our cars:

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Susan said...

I LOVE the color combination and the shawl pattern is beautiful.

I don't wish I could knit - I just wish you were knitting for me! Ha.