Monday, April 8, 2013


Ravelry, that wonderful website for spinners, crocheters, and knitters that has now gotten over three million members from all over the world, has a feature that allows members to enter their stash.  No, not that stash...yarn stash.  It took hours and hours to do this, even though I have a relatively small stash compared with other members.

Large stash:
Large stash:
Large stash:

My stash:
Yep. That's it.  Teeny tiny.

And yet it took all day to enter it into Ravelry.  I thought at one point that I was finished, and then I remembered---

Sock Yarn.

Now knitters know that sock yarn doesn't officially, legally count as stash.  It's true.  But I did want to know what I had, and oh, my, I had more sock yarn than I had realized.  But it's ok.  I love knitting socks.  I just need to move someplace cold enough to wear all of the socks that I can knit.

I have mentioned before that I think all computer technologies are amazing and magic.  I learned that there is a function on the stash page that takes all of the stash information and automatically enters everything into a spreadsheet.

This is a screenshot of part of my spreadsheet:

The thing is, I have no idea why I would WANT a spreadsheet of yarns.

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Susan said...

Wow - just think of haow many years some people could go with projects with all that yarn!!

Mighty ambitious spreadsheet!