Monday, March 2, 2009

"The fiddly bits"

says the Yarn Harlot. Anthony Bourdain would probably say "the nasty bits," (although probably about something truly nasty), but I say the "#$%^&*bits. I don't like fussy, fidgety projects and yet I keep making them. Oh well. The end results are generally worth the swearing. Not that I swear. Pay no attention to hokgardner's claims to the contrary.

Henrietta (might mean woman who may have a little too much time on her hands in some language someplace) is finished and gracing my kitchen counter. The knitting part is easy and so are all the %^&*%^ bits, but they do take time: three crowns, three tail feathers, two wattles (what an ugly name!), two eyes, and one beak.

It's sort of fun and if you, too, have a little spare time and want your very own Henrietta, well, knit it yourself. Once was enough!

[Oh, and the messed-up Kitchener's stitch? Still messed up, but you'll notice the angle I took the photo from!]


hokgardner said...

Just when I was about to suggest that the grandkids would each love his or her very own Henrietta.

And you do too swear.

Mary Ellen said...

Henrietta is cute. She reminds me of a hand sewn version I have that is really a bread basket cover. When the kids were little, they loved lifting up her wings and plucking out a warm roll or muffin.

How is the eyeballing of sock length going?

Keeffer said...

I want a chicken. Think of all the stockings I've saved you by not procreating!

And you do too swear.

calicobebop said...

Oh - whoops! I commented on your more recent post about the adorableness of Ms. Henrietta Hen. Far far out of my league - for now! But maybe sometime in the future... :)