Monday, March 2, 2009

Mistakes Were Made

I am making the Knit Chicken from Blue Sky Yarns and designed by Susan B. Anderson. It is really cute - at least hers is - but boy, did I ever mess up the Kitchener Stitch last night. Where it worked, it worked well, but where it didn't - what a mess.

I tried, I really did. But the chicken has to be stuffed before it is grafted closed, and so the fabric fights back. Somehow I ended up with a messed up closing and I didn't dare to take the stitching out in order to try and get it right. The tension on the stitches as I worked would have unravelled the stitches, I think. Today I will try to fix this by using matching (I hope) thread and pulling the loops and holes into some sort of decent-looking fake Kitcheners. But if all else fails, Henrietta will live on top of the refrigerator, where no one will see her back.

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