Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I am knitting lace!

I have seen many lace items that I wanted to make, but when I looked at the patterns, I found charts. Charts intimidate me; they make me twitch a little. So I sigh and go back to some chart-less projects. But while I was looking for patterns on Ravelry, I found several lace projects that had written instructions.

I have recently realized that I have the same reaction to charts that I do to maps. I just don't get them. I need directions. Turn left at.....go straight for three miles.....turn right on such-and-such street.....

So I printed out a lace pattern that looked a lot like this: K1, *(yo, skp) twice, (k2tog, yo) three times, (skip to my lou) twice, sk2p once, p1. I tried, over and over and over, casting on again each time because I defy anyone to frog back things like sk2p and have the correct number of stitches remaining.

But what you see above is a lace pattern that people at my LYS knit-night have been working on. I had lost it, but now it's found and I'm knitting away. It's easy, really, really easy. Thank goodness.

I am using some mini mochi sock yarn, and I'm not sure I'll like the scarf when it's finished, but I am so thrilled not to be screwing it up that I'll continue working on it for awhile, and see what happens.


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hokgardner said...

what the hell is sk2p? or whatever you said. That's my problem with knitting - I can never remember what all the abbreviations mean.