Sunday, August 2, 2009

Friday Fragments: Monday Edition

Really, so far, just a couple of questions, one fact and one observation:


I really red-puffy-heart Mrs. G. over at The Women's Colony big time, and she uses Photo-Shop so I want photo-shop. But is it user friendly enough for this user to use ? Or would I need one of my daughters to talk me though every step because, believe me, neither of them wants to do this. And do I buy it at a store or download it? Is it expensive?

Are blogger and igoogle related? I changed something on my igoogle settings and the change showed up on my blogger dashboard. I'm confused.

Are subscribe and please, please join my followers redundant?

Is Magic Johnson so desperate for money that he really has to do radio ads for Rent-A-Center or does he just not mind helping rip off poor people?


I have an iphone, a hand-me-down iphone from my husband because he needed the newer model because it has a longer-lasting battery and since he travels on business and is not near a charger when he is in meetings and such all day and he keeps losing his charger anyway, leaving them in motel rooms, phew, he has the new one. I know everyone loves iphones; I know they are amazing. I know I did sort of want one when I read that I could download a Kindle reading application which would let me read a book completely on impulse if I were someplace where I didn’t have a book or knitting with me (it could happen), but I’m still not sure what to do with it. I love, love, love my ipod and want to take it and my knitting with me when I go to a better place, but, so far, I think that my iphone can stay behind. I kind of miss my little phone that made phone calls and received phone calls.

The iphone, however, does have a level in it, which I completely appreciate because I am pretty much OCD about everything in the world's being level, so I’ll give it (the phone) a chance.


I learned last night that pushing the enter key on the computer is not the same as pushing the up or down button on an elevator, which SOME people (not I) do to make the elevator get here faster. Doesn't work.

BUT, pushing the enter key a number of times when the internet won't open, and then giving up and going to Word to write a blog post, doesn't just get you the internet once. As I was typing, I noticed that the letters and words I was typing took a l.o.n.g. time to show up on the screen. Then I noticed that in the tray was: 12 internet. Oops. I had opened the internet twelve times, not one time more quickly.

Pushing the up or down button on the elevator twelve times gets you one elevator. Pushing the enter key twelve times on the keyboard gets you twelve internets and in the process, makes you think that your computer is dying. Going to a better place, as it were....


Keeffer said...

i would like to defend myself re: the better place comment, before anyone thinks you raised a moron.

i was EIGHT. it was maybe a year later (not years) that the "better place" comment was made and corrected.

EIGHT YEARS OLD. i was reading little women, of course i wasn't going to get everything.

hokgardner said...

Photoshop is very expensive, and I don't know anything about it, so I won't be able to help you.

And how could you NOT know that pushing the enter key 12 times would get you 12 internets? Honestly.

Of course, I'm the one who took lots of sideways videos last week, so there's that.

And I call dibs the next time dad decides he needs the newest iPhone.

sallyknit said...

Think of all those knitting apps you can download!